Yes, this season we have added the function to purchase in-app on both our Android and iOS mobile apps. Please be advised that at this present time you can only purchase in-app via our iOS apps, Android to follow. 

Purchasing through the mobile app:

Please note that the function to purchase in-app is facilitated and controlled by the app platform provider, Google (Android devices) and Apple (iOS devices), respectively. When you make a purchase through the URC TV mobile app, the payment goes through Apple/Google's payment systems, not ours. As such, if you wish to request a refund for a purchase made through one of the mobile apps you will need to contact the relevant app platform provider directly. They can be contacted on:

Apple - 

Android -

Please also be aware that pricing may differ in the apps as the app platform providers (Apple & Google) set the in-app price points. 

Purchasing through our website:

For the best rates and to avoid third-party involvement and associated issues you can purchase directly through our website. 

*Please note if you purchase through our website, you can still watch content via the app once logged into the app using the login details of the URC TV account you purchased under on the website.