If this is your first time using URC TV, you will need to set up a URC TV account.

To register an account:  

  1. Click ‘Sign In/Register’ in the top right-hand corner of the website
  2. Select ‘Register’ on the on-screen pop-up

3. Fill in the requested details in the fields provided (see below for reference), tick the terms and conditions box (mandatory), set your marketing preferences (optional) and hit ‘Register’. From then on, you can sign in using the email address and password associated with your account to access URC TV content.

Select the box beside the 'I'm not a robot' Captcha if presented with this security feature. Wait for a tick to appear in the box then hit the 'Login' button.

When you select the box beside 'I'm not a robot' a collection of images may appear on screen, from which you will be asked to select all images that contacting a certain item (see example below). Once you select all images containing the requested feature hit 'Verify' and continue to log in.

Once signed in, you will be able to add purchases to your account, or if you have a season pass you will see a list of upcoming and on-demand games available to you. On demand games will remain on our Replay section until the end of the season. They will then be removed from our service to make space for new content. 

Your Account

A URC TV account enables you to keep track of all your purchases and billing information.

Once logged in you will see a section in the top right-hand corner of the website called 'MY URC TV.' Under that section you will be able to:

1. DASHBOARD - check your current subscription status

2. PURCHASE HISTORY - view all of your past purchases 

3. CARD DETAILS - review your billing information/add a new card

4. MANAGE ACCOUNT - change your email address/password 

5. MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS - unsubscribe from auto-renew / set your subscription to cancel at the end of your subscription period